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Daart is officially out of stock! But if you're not one of those perfectly-normal, not-weird collectors who must have a pristine box, and instead just want to play with your Daart, you can take advantage of our DAMAGED BOX DISCOUNT! Our bungling company president, warehouse workers, and transportation mishaps are your gain! 

This is your chance to help the environment by keeping us from sending this little plastic guy out of a landfill and Take 50% Off. You'll receive Daart in a box that may be wrinkled or torn but is otherwise perfectly fine, Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Enthusiastic and naïve, Daart always leaps before he looks. Literally. While he has the ability to leap extraordinary distances and paralyze enemies with toxic slime, his greatest power is his good heart.

Key Features

  • Fully poseable with 15 points of articulation
  • Spring-loaded backflip action
  • 1:12 scale: 6 1/2" (165 mm) inches on all fours, but 7 3/8" (187mm) upright!
  • Collectible Mini-Comic adventure starring Daart
  • Hyper-flex Boomerang
  • “Frog Grip” Bola
  • Iron Stomach Mini Action Figure